Monday, December 21, 2015

Muhammad Rafique

InfinityBox CM-2 SPD/Spreadtrum v1.09 Released- SC6815 support and more models

SPD SP Platform
  • Flash Engine Revised
  • Some bugfixes and improvements

New CPU/Platform supported:
  • SC6815 eMMC
  • Identify/Read Info
  • Format FS, Repair FS, Reset Settings
  • Repair Security/WiFi/BT (Flash and SVC mode)
  • Forensic: PhoneBook Extraction, PatternLock reading
  • Read and Write NVRAM
  • Read and Flash Firmware in Infinity format
  • Read and Flash Firmware in PAC format

Firmware Reading improved
  • Read engine updated and revised
  • Brand-specific improvements
  • Some other improvements and bugfixes

  • NAND PatternLock reading improved
  • FlashLoaders updated and revised
  • New SLDR included ( can find in /CM2SPD/Models/ ):
  • Huawei Y560-U02 (Y5C)
  • Some improvements and bugfixes at all

Download link #1

Download link #2

Muhammad Rafique

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