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[How To] Bypass Any Motorola Google Verify Account Aka FRP [Guide] [Video]

Motorola FRP Remove  Solutions


Today I Am Going To Share A Very Unique and Most Wanted Solution To Bypass Motorola Google Verify Account.This Problem Come After Hard Reset In New Phones Specially Lollipop Firmwares.

This Problem See Like Below Image:

First Enable USB Debugging > Then Run Commands In CMD > Then Reset Phone From Settings >

Guide To Enable ADB Debugging:


1- Power on your Motorola Phone 
2- Make Activation Process Complete till Phone ask for Google Account ( FRP Lock)
3- Tap on Box to write Email ( Tap where it’s Ask for Email Address )
4- As you see Keyboard to write Email address in box, Click on Keyboard Icon
5- Click on Add new KeyBoard
6- Enable “Google Japanese input” from  list
7- Click on back to go back to input email 
8- Tap on Box to write Email ( Tap where it’s ask for Email address  ) 
9- As you See keyboard to write Email addres in box, Cick on keyboard icon
10- Now select Japanes ( Google Japanes Input ) 
11- Tap on Box to write Email ( Tap where it’s ask for Email address  ) 
12- Now you will see Difference kind of keyboard. Now tab on “a” ( which is located at left bottom corner of keyboard ) 
13- Now Tap “Google Japanese Input Setting”
14- Now scroll down menu and Tap on “Privacy Policy”
15- Now scroll down and Tap & Hold any TXT written on Screen and Select it ( just highlight any complete word )
16- Now Tap on Share
17- From menu Tap “Massages” Write Massage will be opened 
18- You will see Japanese Keyboard to write, now we have to change it. Simple Tap on Left Bottom button from keyboard ( this button is on same place, where we has pressed “a” in line number 12. But button symble is changed as it’s in Japanese )
19- Tap on Select Input method and Select English
20- Now you can see English keyboard on Screen, so Simple change it to numaric to Type PHONE NUMBER 
21- Dial any Help line number
22- Tap on “Send”
23- Now on Top Right of your screen, You will see CALL Button or Call Icon
24- Tap on Call Icon from Top Right side from your Mobile Screen
25- Now you can see that Dial PAD is opened.  Delete your Help line number by pressing Delete button from keyboard
26- Type*#*#4636#*#* 
27- Now are you in Test mode, 
28- Now Tap on “Information of Battery”
29- Now Tap on “Back Button” from Left Top Corner of your Mobile Screen
30- Now you will be in NORMAL Setting Menu of phone
31- Scrol Down to About andTap it.
32- Scroll Down to Build Number and Tap it “7 Times” To enable Developer Mode
33- Now you are in Normal setting Menu
34- Scroll down to Developer  Mode and tab it
35- Now enable “USB Debugging”
36- Now your MOTOROLA Phone have USB Debugging ON !! 

  • and Now run the following commands in the terminal

adb devices
adb shell netcfg
adb shell content insert --uri content://settings/secure --bind name:s:user_setup_complete --bind value:s:1

Now Reset Button Is Enabled , Just Click Back and Do Reset Phone From Settings and Wait For Done.


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