Sunday, September 20, 2015

Muhammad Rafique

Infinity-Box CM2 RDA/Coolsand version 1.03 Released , Android RDA Repair Added and More

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              CM2 RDA/Coolsand v1.03 Released Today                

What,s New Added ??

RDA SP Platform

RDA8811 eMMC supported
Connection progressed

RDA881x Flashing stepped forward:

Fac... Firmware Flashing: RDAtotal format kind supported for eMMC phones
RDATotal files and RDAFileSet managing revised

RDA881x provider:

safe "Format File System" (Reset Settings) revised
Factory Area  Rebuild advanced:
Random MAC/BT technology
Rebuild easy/erased FactoryArea stepped forward
Calibration (IFC) read/Write/verify now supported:
allow repair network problem (software program associated)
allow fix Unknown BaseBand problems
allow fix one-of-a-kind "calibration mistakes"

RDA FP platform

COM support advanced
RDA885x: 1/2 MiB flash ic aid advanced
FactoryReset/FormatFS revised
CompileInfo extraction revised

other changes

a few bugfixes and improvements

Download Link From Here

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