Monday, August 24, 2015

Muhammad Rafique

What Is Network Lock or Simlock or Country Lock - How To Know If Your Phone Is Locked - Some Basics U Must Know In Gsm Field Specially If U R Proffessionall Unlocker

I see many Begginers In Gsm Field That Really Dont Know What is Network Lock or How To Know If Phone Is Locked to Specific Network.

So Lets Start!

What Is Network Lock or Country Lock or Simlock ??

A Network Lock Is A Technology That Wirless communication companies (ex:vodafone,at&t,tmobile etc) use to prevent the mobile phones from being used on other networks (carriers).A Phone Can Be Locked To Particular Country Network or Simcard.Locked Phones Mostly Sales At Low (Discounted) Prices To Customers.

What is Unlocked or Sim Free Phone ?

A Phone Sold Without Any  Network Restrictions .That Mean Customer Can Insert Their Choice Sim On It.

How To Know If Phone Is Locked or Unlocked ??

U Can Check Lock Status From Third Parties.For Example U Got an Iphone and u want to know the network which is locked to phone then simply go to and  type your imei and press enter (note these services is not free)

How To Removed Network Lock ??

First Of All U Can Ask YOur Network To Remove Lock Restrictions.If They Unable To Do That.Then U can Alos Remove Lock By Paid Third Parties Servers.

Soon This Post Will Be Update With More Info

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